Web Design and Development Services at Affordable cost

CRA-Interactive is a India based web design and development company. We Offer Our Services in the field of Web Design and Development, Domain and Hosting etc.. at very affordable cost.

Our team is well aware about the current development and trends in the fast-moving industry. CRA Interactive provides customized and creative applications depending on your necessities.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for all your application development needs:

  • We’ve many successful and highly rated app launches for our valued clients
  • Dedicated and passionate team of expert mobile app developers and growing.
  • Every app project is managed meticulously and organized so you’re in the loop.
  • Our dedication and commitment to mobile apps development technology make us apart from other developers

Kindly feel free to email your inquiry at website@camerareadyart.com

Visit : http://www.cra-interactive.com/

Skype : camerareadyart

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CRA Interactive Offers Web And Mobile Application Development Services

We are glad to introduce CRA Interactive, a division of Camera Ready Art Inc. CRA Interactive offers web and mobile application development services on different devices and platforms. We provide customized mobile application development, which can give the users, real-time information accessible anywhere, anytime, and to any device.

Our team is well aware about the current development and trends in the fast-moving industry. CRA Interactive provides customized and creative applications depending on your necessities.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for all your application development needs:

  • We’ve many successful and highly rated app launches for our valued clients
  • Dedicated and passionate team of expert mobile app developers and growing.
  • Every app project is managed meticulously and organized so you’re in the loop.
  • Our dedication and commitment to mobile apps development technology make us apart from other developers
  • We have the expertise in mobile application for following categories:
  • GPS Based Real Time Application
  • Enterprise Application
  • 2D Gaming/Game Center Apps
  • Address Book Based Applications
  • In App Purchase, Push Notifications
  • BarCode Scanner based Apps
  • Location based Application
  • Finance/Banking Application
  • Calendar based Apps
  • Video/Audio Streaming Apps
  • Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
  • Acelerometer based Apps and Games
  • Admob, iAd based Apps
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • We can do Mobile website development too

Our streamlined approach makes the process organized and efficient. Work with us and be featured along with other award winning and profitable apps we’ve launched!

To add an additional bandwidth of mobile solutions to your service mix, please contact us today.

Register with us and start saving from Today!! Email us at website@camerareadyart.com or join us at http://www.cra-interactive.com/request-for-quote.html

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How will a website help promotional products suppliers/distributors?

Having an online presence is no news. Businesses of all kinds have their websites designed. An online presence is inevitable and advantageous to businesses across verticals. There is much said about the advantages of online presence by having a website. But is it really worth for promotional products industry? Of course, you may find out how we could help a few promotional products companies to gain benefits of website. Lets find out more about this-

Promotional Products distributors:

Websites are the brand ambassadors on internet. A website will talk about your business, your products, offers and latest news without needing your personal presence. It is a doorway to let your clients know you better and create business awareness.

A website can help promotional products distributors in many ways -

  1. It works as a catalog, displaying promo items, available online 24/7, giving information about company, products and offers.
  2. Your promotional products and company philosophy can reach an audience far wide.
  3. A research says, internet serves as a first point of contact to 80% of people before they use any other way of communication.
  4. A website can help you stay connected to your customers, prospects and business partners.
  5. An attractive presentation on your website can create a profound impression on your prospective clients resulting into increased sales.

Promotional Products suppliers:

Promotional products suppliers too have benefits of having website and availing web-based services.

Below are the benefits that promotional products suppliers can avail:

  1. A website serves as promotional products catalog which the supplier can showcase it to distributors or end clients.
  2. Distributors can any time make orders, since the website is available to them 24/7.
  3. Your prospects, customers and business partners can easily reach you through a website.
  4. By setting up web-based services, suppliers can even entice their clients by value-added experience.
  5. Your website is always updated with latest information about your products. You can keep your clients updated with latest events and news using RSS feeds that can be triggered when you update your website.

The internet today is not just limited to having a website. There are various ways you can promote your products/services online -

  1. Being active on association blogs you can stay connected with the latest developments in the industry.
  2. Participating into industry blogs/forums, can help create new opportunities and enables you to connect to distributors/suppliers all over the state/country/globe.
  3. Connect with your clients on professional networks so that they can turn to you anytime they want.
  4. Active participation in social media websites lets your connections know that you are around which can encourage them to come to you.
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The Increasing Trend of Mobile Applications

Big success of the Application Store by Apple, has established scalability of the mobile applications and exhibited that most superior applications provide potential of generating huge revenues. Therefore, many Telecom jumbos have started offering devoted application stores to their users. There are around 2 million applications currently accessible for the communications, multimedia, games, travel, productivity, and utility purposes.

In the year 2009, around 6.4 billion apps including free, ad-supported, and paid, were downloaded worldwide from the native or on-deck as well as third-party or off-deck app stores, producing revenues of around $ 4.5 billion in 2009. The Apple, having around 2.5 billion apps downloaded, has dominated the 2009 applications market. Although, new players including Google, RIM, and Nokia are entering rapidly into the application’s market space because of increasing activity as well as usability of the Smartphone devices that further boosts market of the mobile applications. As estimated, the market of mobile applications worldwide is anticipated to be value of $ 25 billion in the year 2015, with growth of 29.6 % from the time period of 2010 – 2015. General mobile application categories include Books, Business & Finance, Entertainment, Games, Lifestyle, Navigation, Productivity, Social Networking, Travel, Utilities, and Others .

Increasing Need of Business Apps

The social networking and mobile gaming apps are having steady growth till now, however, in the year 2012, different kinds of business apps can rule, as per different market analysts. The Businessmen are relying on different Smartphones for saving their valuable time. They also require multitasking as well as organize the business while traveling. The need of different business apps is very high. Total downloads of business app is anticipated to rise substantially this year having ample revenue expected from development process.

Specific Apps for the Mobile Payment

The mobile users are using mobile devices to make payments as well as services including Mobile Wallet, which are getting more and more importance. Mobile payment is beating the conventional credit/debit cards. Today, banks are providing the beta mobile payment alternatives that are anticipated to extend across the globe.

Mobile Customer Rules

Millions of mobile apps are there in different categories. It is really tough to get your app noticed in the market. The approach of making app noticeable might be specific with itself too. App could promote itself like an engaging, usable, and unusual multi tasking user. Mobile marketing might gain the steam soon for pulling the viewers’ intention for specific apps that are marketed.

Emanation of the Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is getting so much attraction because nearly all kinds of companies are selecting for the cloud-related services. The trend might reflect in development arena of mobile app too because there might be requirement of the cloud-based application suppliers as well as cloud sync suppliers for mobile also.

Development of Location-Based Apps

Location-based, social networking and content sharing apps through mobile are in its peak trend. The social networking tools for monitoring are trending in the companies that desire to monitor the product and brand reach. The marketing is having the whole new significance with the assessment of behavior of the consumer, interest-specified mobile ads, and mobile product surveys.

Want to get a mobile application built for your business? Learn about our mobile solutions. Contact us for queries. Get a no-obligation free quote.

Are you clear about your mobile requirements. On which platform are you planning to build a mobile application? Iphone? Android? Blackberry?

Surrounded by too many questions, let our partner help you – PeopleAce offers iphone apps, android apps, blackberry apps and more.

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Things You Should Know About Drupal OpenPublish

Drupal OpenPublish is a packaged distribution, specially designed for online news industry. OpenPublish is perfect for implementation of different media outlet websites including newspapers, magazines, journals, broadcast, trade publications, multimedia sites, membership publications, and wire service. The OpenPublish is assembled for the customization, flexibility, and extension – It is a powerful CMS for helping the publishers concentrating on the content. OpenPublish is the collection of aggregate modules. OpenPublish is made with support of the Thomson Reuters.

The OpenPublish version of Drupal 7 is just released and it is really “developer’s release” concentrating on the core capabilities required for publishing and news website. Just like past OpenPublish releases, it doesn’t have flashy sub-themes, whistles, and bells. It is the early release OpenPublish, particularly meant for use, testing, and contribution through experienced developers with Drupal community.

There are mainly two objectives, which drive this new OpenPublish: Concentrating on lighter and superior performing distribution, as well as intensity of code release to community whereas processing contributions more regularly, easily, and quickly.

Shedding numerous pre-packaged features as well as functionality can initially seem unusual for the distribution rarely touted for several features it offers until you analyze the primary nature about what the OpenPublish purposes to accomplish. With the OpenPublish for Drupal 7, a solid foundation is created for building Drupal sites for publishing, with custom work necessarily comes down in the line. More functionality and features means more expectations are bolted rather than the start. Finally, when you’re spending extra time in wrestling with the assumptions alternatively gaining the head start to your website with distribution, you can lose more than what you have gained.

The new release is aimed primarily to the developers and derived from versions that we are using on several projects, which have launched recently or it will do it in near future. That is not alike, as the feedback from some experiences has reshaped some of the Drupal 6 precepts.

The new OpenPublish version includes:

  • Installation profile having selection of important modules
  • Features set, which offers functional yet reserved content types, specially meant for extending through the additional features as well as minimizing the requirement of overrides.
  • Section Fronts, which is a secondary but highly useful approach for in lining page layout management for Drupal via Boxes
  • Integration with the Apps.

What’s Next?

Surely, the distribution can grow over in the upcoming months, some key additions are:

  • Omega-based theme that can move away from the customized theme extremely reliant on the pre-processing for more expandable, amongst the most favorite and well known basic themes for the Drupal 7.
  • Some key apps, like a renewed version of the OpenCalais.

Is OpenPublish Right for You?

In case, you’re a publishing house, desiring “out of box” website, which gives you a presentation about OpenPublish’s integration capabilities and content handling, it’s recommended to wait for the future release. However, in case you’re developer and want to build website on Drupal OpenPublish, this new version is an outstanding release.

If you are looking for Drupal OpenPublish developers, please feel free to contact us at website[at]camerareadyart.com. Do pay a visit and know about our open source services on our website.

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Joomla vs. WordPress

Content management systems help you in managing the website as well as provide you freedom for maintaining it all the time as per your requirements. Some CMS are simple in handling that one may succeed it with lesser knowledge of complex technology. Among all the CMS, WordPress and Joomla are most favorite. Before we jump into the war between Joomla vs. WordPress, let’s have a little introduction of both the CMS.


  • The WordPress CMS is the perfect platform for the bloggers because it is very easy to use and install.
  • You may customize it as per your requirements.
  • Furthermore for the customization one doesn’t require extended programming knowledge.
  • You may make the website extra dynamic with using the WordPress plug-ins that can be easily installed.
  • The technology provides your website a built in platform, permitting visitors to make comments on the posts inevitably. WordPress is amongst best CMS platforms accepted and utilized by numerous bloggers. WordPress is an eventual winner in collation between Joomla and WordPress.


  • The Joomla CMS is a superior CMS permitting easy maintenance and management of the website, having limited or no knowledge of programming required.
  • It provides all the requisite features like adding or updating everything like article pages, images, navigation menus, as well as more detailed technology enhancements.
  • Increasing website functionality may be done through some extensions provided by the Joomla software.
  • Joomla offers complete flexibility to the developers for designing the website in a way they desire. A lot of developers and designers won’t agree with the might of WordPress and may complain that the Joomla is best CMS platform compared to Joomla vs. WordPress.

Joomla vs. WordPress

  • If you desire to add any images or publish some new items, the WordPress is very easy in use. Whereas the Joomla is more like a “feature-enriched” CMS, however one should make the modifications.
  • Compared to WordPress, the Joomla is backed by very strong community for helping end users.
  • Joomla is the best option for making e-commerce oriented websites and websites with extra professional touch. The Joomla CMS has lots of extensions to give that are instrumental with increasing website functionality. Having enhanced features, wider flexibility, and prime extensions, Joomla beats WordPress to a great extent.
  • Joomla was made from ground up in the past and now grown as an approved CMS, whereas WordPress was originally made as publishing platform, which converted gradually into the CMS, providing every unique ability.

Why use Joomla over WordPress

The Joomla CMS offers flexibility and power so, it has turned into the most favorite CMS existing in the market. The reasons behind its immense popularity are the features it provides, many capabilities and a formulated custom database. Joomla provides an aggregate user privilege system, having user registration as well as layered content advantages, whereas WordPress is not having any privilege system. The Joomla is best solution in terms of open source CMS, in case of aggregate user groups.


On the whole, both the platforms work very well for website management. WordPress is the best alternative for small and medium sized business. However, Joomla is an excellent option for the website, which needs aggregate user advantages or customized database work. It’s nearly impossible to state a certain winner between WordPress and Joomla as webmasters and bloggers have their personal opinions.

However, CRA-Interactive has experts working on both platforms – WordPress as well as Joomla. Please feel free to contact the experts. Or send your requirements and get a no obligation quote.

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Website Review: CrunchBase

CrunchBase is a free database for people, technology companies, and investors, which anybody can edit. You can edit and learn everything about the companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tagged, and MySpace, products like Google Wave and Droid, people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. It is formed as well as maintained by the TechCrunch with support of visitors and tech community. Currently, all the edits and additions to CrunchBase are going through the approval procedure prior to they are made live. The website is working on the ways, which will permit the users in making instant changes to the website.

CrunchBase is actually an amazing free technology database. It makes editing possible. With Facebook connect, one can track on all the edits of the Facebook profile. Updating the profiles and companies through it is actually more convenient. If you discover something, which is not authentic as the data is not accurate you may edit them to give people with more authentic details. You can add everything in CrunchBase profile like Logo, General information, Company Overview, Offices, People, Tags, Products, Competitors, Acquisitions, Funding, PR and Legal Service Providers to the company as well as External Links is actually possible.

You can change a person or company profile with searching profile and clicking on particular edit buttons. You may see menu on the left hand side, which permits you on clicking and selecting the area you want to update. All the changes of CrunchBase profiles undergo a moderation line before getting live on service. All the entries will become live within 24-48 hours time. You can make more edits once the entry becomes live.

You may not identify if data is authentic. Because different people edit the CrunchBase profiles for financial organizations, companies, and people, many mistakes could be added. The Information could also be outdated. In case, you observe anything, which requires changing you may continue and edit page. The user can add any type of general information like Company name, Phone, E-mail, Blog, URL, Blog feed, Logo, Company Overview, Tags like Offices, People, Competitors, Products, Funding, Acquisitions, and External Links.

Guidelines for Entering the Data for CrunchBase


The tone needs to be 3rd person like “Company A” and not “Our Company”. Its overview must start with any good sentence if possible, which accounts the company. Don’t use marketing language like “most comprehensive”, “best” etc.

General Info

Add more and more general info. Its Blog and the blog feed is also useful because the CrunchBase will show blog titles in CrunchBase pages.


Don’t use individual e-mails for the companies. Use contact@, info@, etc.


Add categories, which the company belongs to.

Offices: Address details are useful for the search service and mapping. If street address is not given, then at least city and the country are helpful for searching.

People: Add management team. These entries will initially require to be sanctioned before adding more information and picture.

Competitors: Add your competitors and you will be concurrently joined with their pages.

Products: Product names must not be generic. In case, it is generic then add company name before. Initially, the product entries should be approved prior to you may add generic product details and overview.

Funding: Please incorporate maximum information like the amount, the date, source URL, and source title. Usually, a good resource URL is the article regarding funding or the press release that outlines funding.

Acquisitions: This segment is for the acquisitions, company has done.

Service Providers: Enter marketing, PR, and legal firms, which offer services to the company.

External links: Add all essential links here with well-written articles regarding the company and its area of interest.

Milestones: Once approved your entry, you may add milestones for company. It might be several employees, product launch, key hires, acquisitions, exit, etc.

Moderation queue: The CrunchBase profile can be arranged in the moderation queue ahead of going live. The entries will become live within 24-48 hours.

Verdict: All in all, CrunchBase is an amazing free technology database, which anybody can edit.

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Have you created your Google+ business page?

With launch of commercialized side of Google+ service, Google has said that the pages of Google+ have represented jump forward with building relationships amongst people and business. If it wasn’t enough, search engine has confirmed that the Google+ elements will affect the ranking signals. That solitary means that everybody should add themselves into this new social media proximity.

How to make a Google+ business page?

1. To make a Google+ business page, you initially require creating your personal profile. You may also utilize same ‘log in’ for the other services of Google like AdWords or Analytics, to keep the things simple. After creating your personal profile, it’s time to make the business page. While updating, it will be convenient through personal profile area, however all the updates may be posted within business name and not your own.

2. After creating your personal profile, you should go to business department and create your brand page. It is available here: http://www.google.com/+/business/

3. You can get many options, just like Facebook, while clicking on ‘create the page for business’ alternative. Google+ permits you to select from numerous categories:

  • Arts, sports, or entertainment: Select this alternative if you’re a singer, an athlete, or an entertainer.
  • Brand or product: Select this alternative if you’re maker of definite product like a brand like home appliance, computer chip, or similar.
  • Local business: Select this alternative if you have business like restaurant, bar, store or hotel.
  • Organization, Institution, or Company: Select this alternative if you desire to make page for the school, company, or non-profit organization.
  • Others: Select this alternative if your specific activity area doesn’t suitable with the above.

4. Then, you need to pick a suitable sub category with adding some primary information like page name, website address, etc. You’ll have options to decide the access levels.

5. Just like ‘bio’ area of Twitter, the character count for Google+ is also limited. You need to add a tag line – a very short description of the services you provide. In case, you have your marketing slogan ready, you can copy-paste here so that the viewers can easily identify your brand. Don’t forget to upload your logo here.

6. After that, the screen comes called ‘Get The Word Out’. It is puzzling for the people, who have merely created the personal profile to make business page like promotion, to give a quick message for all those in the personal circles. You may not have any in case, you’ve merely opened your account therefore, you may jump this step with creating more promotional activities subsequently.

And congratulations! You have just created your Google+ brand page. However, the work is not over, you have to add your presence.

Advantages of creating a Google+ business page

  • As your customers as well as potential buyers are already on Google+, you can’t believe it, but still they will be searching you on Google+. So, talk with them where and when they need you to occupy with them. This strategy works really well. Just think of how you want to be served by businesses that you do the business with like a consumer.
  • Fewer users = fewer competition. So, start building relationships now as at this point of time, you may be easily heard.
  • Google+ permits for more personal and direct relations. Whereas Twitter and Facebook start to have cluttered with the general info, the Google+ information is controlled by the quality content, which is informational and professional. Customers like it and appreciate the unique hangouts functionality like live video chats. You may talk with the customers through text as well as you may hold the video talking sessions also with them. Big business firms spend lots of money every year for marketing research. But now, you may do it with a $20 cost web cam as well as some devoted time.
  • It gives additional integration with the Google products.
  • It has potential huge impact on the page results of search engine.

With all these advantages, you should certainly create your business page. And once you do it don’t forget to add CRAInteractive to your circle (: .

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How the social media can help you to battle with the big brands?

The people, who have recognized the true potential of social media, have created zenith growth in their businesses. In the last few years, the social media has exploded tremendously, with many regarding it as a new way of marketing using relationships. Social media can do so much for your small business.

Different experiences are accessible online from blogging on the websites like Blogspot, media sharing websites like YouTube, multi-player websites of gaming and virtual world like the SecondLife.

Effective Utilization of Social Media

  • It is very easy now to use a relationship via wall posts, likes, comments, and follows.
  • It is very easy now to hold up a relationship.
  • Numerous users on Twitter and Facebook follow the brands, which they like. Therefore, update the page or send a tweet. Your brand will be back on top of the mind.

Building Depth of Social Campaign

These days, you may be noticed how a local company or bank wants to become your “friend” in facebook. Most of these campaigns failed because no depth was there or detected value for end consumer in attaching such business. There are basically, two approaches for building depth: One is putting something exclusive on the social media platforms, the thing that doesn’t have any competition, and the other is solving the appropriate problems. The initial approach does not produce a credible competitive advantage. We live in the digitally completed world so; everything unique is very simple to copy! What’s important is solving the right questions, and consistently keep solving them. In world of the fan pages, company partnerships, free product grooming online, or email lists, no one of the competitors had known the right kind of problem to resolve.

Tested Social Media Methods

  • Build the contacts, who are interested in purchasing.
  • Provide quality information, topically, and regularly.
  • Exhibit your investment to the customers. Be prepared to give time, energy, and effort into offering empathic and efficient customer service for social media.
  • Social media layers your brand message, highlighting different prospects of the brand’s advantages, using various platforms.
  • Social media reinforces your brand message, ensuring that all platforms as well as highlights build to the adhesive image.
  • Invest in the search engine optimization. Provide glut of details on web. SEO provides best ROI.
  • Besides sales, promotions and marketing, distribute PR. Public relation managements permeates your brand within priceless integrity. Everything else, which you say, in case, lifted up with PR content for the social media, website as well as on internet.


Despite all these drifts, no solution is there, which “fits to all” approach, which will address all the marketing imperatives. Every unsuccessful business becomes unsuccessful because of generic reasons, however, every prospering small business succeed its own specific path for success.

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Facebook brings timeline to business pages

Facebook is bringing one important change in the way that businesses are exhibited on the Facebook through introducing the Timeline for Business Pages. Its most evident change is its layout. Cover photo will permit the businesses to convey their product in a creative fashion. The objective of this change is providing identity to the brands and emotionally associates with the users. On the contrary, brands pushing the product to the users, what Facebook doing is trying to link users and brands with the tools, which will permit more of connecting and opening the communications with everyone. Rather than display like cookie feed, you might normally have in the brands page, featured posts, and cover photo, are amongst the elements, which gives your brand the identity on the Facebook. You may use the Timeline to express your business story. You may mention your ‘milestones’ on the page. For instance, your business creation, your business evolution, major announcements, product announcements, etc All can be shown in wide and attractive images. The Timeline option is accessible now. It has become mandatory for all the brand pages from March 30, 2012.

What is changing?

No More Custom Tabs & Landing Pages

The biggest alteration will happen to the Timeline is custom-made landing page removal. Whereas all these pages may still survive on new layout however one cannot direct the users to the landing page like a launching point; as an alternative all the visitants will be routed to the Wall. It is very significant change and may have strong impact on the promotional apps as well as Facebook ads.

New Cover Photo

A noteworthy new attribute of timeline is cover photo, which is featured apparently at top of the page. It is an outstanding opportunity for specials and branding with acting like the Billboard for brand. The examples incorporate Harley Davidson, Coldplay, and Billabong. To upload Cover Photo on your page, just choose “Add a Cover” option from top left on your screen, and then click the Upload Photo button.

More Striking ‘About’ Section

The ‘About’ section of your company will be more obvious now, positioned at top of page. Ensure that it is well-made and not merely a long paragraph of worthless information. Just make it brief and sugary with only most essential details on you. The knowledge to draw your history is a great way of engaging fans as well as provides them interesting and visually attractive account of company background. For instance, Coca Cola When you click on the timeline history, you will see some fascinating facts about drink origin!

Pin Essential Posts

Now, you can feature more crucial posts and content through ‘pinning’ them on top of the page. The pin exists for 7 days or till you withdraw it. It is an important way of promoting something to the fans and customers. You may alter dates of last statuses as well as make a few posts bigger than rest. In case, you incorporate the image, that post stretches to the whole screen so ensure that it’s bigger than 851px. If you want to create the post larger, just click ‘star’ icon and feature it.

Add Company Milestones

With addition of the milestones, one can feature the past dates, which have been crucial for the success of the business. They may incorporate store openings, past achievements, new product launches, past events, company awards, mergers, or anniversaries. Just memorize your achievements in the last few years, include them and give an awesome insight of your business to your fans, establish trust and bring transparency. Click on ‘line’, which runs down center of the page for addition.

Activity Insights

The brand-new admin panel will allow you to co-ordinate the posts (including hiding, featuring, or revealing of the posts) or to monitor viewership as well as shares of page via the content, which you’ve placed or other people have posted regarding you. Within one field you can see the private messages of fans, different notifications of the new comments and likes, and Analytics tool that permits you to know that who is talking for your brand through ‘Reach’ and ‘Talking About This’ options .

Track Friend Activity

Whenever, a user will visit your page, he/she can witness activity of their friend with the brand, including the mentioning from the past status comments and updates. It may be a positive as well as a negative thing as it could exhibit your following; it may also bring negative comments through any past awful experience or inapplicable post.

Changes in the strategies of social media marketing

The new visual aspect will increase the requirement of monitoring Facebook statuses and comments about the brand more frequently because they are very striking features now. The public and open communication nature also permits for superior customer experience whereas also permitting for the private interaction via messages within admin dashboard.

Just go to Facebook and get started now!

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