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A catalog is the most basic and important corporate identity and business brand. A catalog holds information about the Company and its forte. Paper catalogs have been in use since long by businesses to offer information about products or services. Eventually; audiences, media channels and business tools have changed with new technologies. Many new digital products have been introduced in place of traditional ones to attract new readers and build strong relationships with existing clients. And thus, eCatalogs (a.k.a, Digital catalog) came into existence.

A digital catalog has many features and benefits:

Unlike a paper catalog your clients can access it anytime and anywhere with the use of internet. A digital catalog can be made compact and handy by saving it to a CD which is very much manageable in comparison to the bulky booklet. A digital catalog can be embellished with streaming videos and audios for greater impact Your eCatalog can be an exact replica of your printed copy with identical layout like a flip book. The navigation and linking makes it more user-friendly. eCatalog also has search features, high quality image display with zoom-in and zoom-out features, facilities to add bookmarks and notes and option to send the catalog to a friend. Such features make it handier and easily distributable. An online catalog can reach to more users and opens new business opportunities which otherwise would not have been possible. The ease of use, flexibility and mobility features make it extremely user-friendly

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Apart from the above handsome features, eCatalog is cost-effective and eco-friendly solution in comparison to paper catalog. You will never be out of stock ever again with your eCatalog. An eCatalog signifies your client about your positive and innovative approach towards business. Your catalog is just a click away from your clients which makes it easy for them to access. This creates a strong reputation among the clients as they feel confident in your fast and easily available services.

We understand that presentation plays the most important role in catalog. Our expert graphic designers are skilled at creating appealing designs with user-friendly navigation. Our predictive product/services placement strategy helps in gaining more visitor engagement. Take a look at few of our Exclusive eCatalog Designs Portfolio.

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