Mobile Application Development

CRA Interactive offers mobile application development services on different devices and platforms. We provide customized mobile application development, which can give the users, real-time information accessible anywhere, anytime, and to any device. Our team is well aware about the current development and trends in the fast-moving industry. CRA Interactive provides customized and creative applications depending on your necessities. Our company is class apart from different other Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and iPhone mobile application developers. We are having inventive capabilities and programming skills for creating sophisticated mobile applications.

Mobile Application Solution

With the advent of Smartphones, the mobiles become much more than just calling and text messaging devices. There are different games, useful applications, and entertainment applications accessible that are widely utilized by the people. Businesses are developing customized mobile applications for enticing the target audience. It has resulted into very lucrative channel for engaging the audience and doing selling. CRA Interactive works very closely with the clients to understand the business purpose and objectives. As per this perceptive we work hard to have most cost-efficient solution.

We provide these mobile application solutions:

  • iPhone application development
  • Android application development
  • BlackBerry application development
  • Windows Mobile application development
  • Symbian Development
  • J2ME Applications
  • Palm Mobile

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Marketing is booming these days! It is increasing enormously and has enormous potential with the advent of Smartphones, with superior network speeds and endless possibilities! You should not miss this stream as you may grip on it with the help of CRA Interactive! According to Wikipedia, almost 70% of total world population is having mobile phones however; the Internet users are only 27%. Mobiles are rapidly converting into the WAP Enabled devices having increasing usage of Smartphones. Hence, the prospect is that people can see the website or messages using mobile phones on regular basis.

Why the business needs to have mobile website?

With the advent of Smartphones, masses are accessing the mobile web excessively. Primarily, mobile is always in hands of all mostly and it is much convenient too. In addition, it is on forever so, the user don’t require logging in every time for accessing. Therefore, the expectation is all the businesses sooner or later will have the mobile versions for their websites to move ahead in the race.

If the customer is accessing your website through the mobile phones, your customer will face many browsing issues if you don't have the mobile website. Using the mobile website development services of CRA Interactive, you may aid customers, with having required details on the fingertips, with short, concise, and suitable mini-browser version!

You can boost the revenues with selling services as well as products on mobile phones! You may add any channel for revenue generation with ease. With the mobile website, one can easily fit payment options using Google Checkout, Bango, and Paypal with start selling products using the mobile website!

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