Press Release writing offers press releases that get you noticed. Our press releases have helped our clients to get the desired attention and increased traffic on their website. Our press release team writes professional, captivating and SEO-friendly press releases. Press release is the one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that can be widely broadcasted.

Press release is a great way to boost your online presence. Due to its global reach, press releases facilitate in attracting a vast number of new customers. Not only this, press releases can dramatically improve Page Rank. Press releases are preferred to announce events, new product/service launches and new opportunities. This can improve your branding to a great extent.

A well-written press release also has a chance of getting reproduced by websites which are in search of good content. Apparently, this improves link popularity as you get a one-way link coming back to your site, bringing quality traffic to your site.

What will we do?

We will frame an SEO-friendly press release that is rich in content. We will include the niche keywords that you are targeting into the press release. As per requirement, we will embellish the press release with images and pictures. An attractive title and intriguing description which can compel readers to read further and visit references.

Where will we need you?

Press releases are based on real-life events. And the client is the best person who can provide us with the required details. We work together with the client to produce quality press releases that can generate a lot of buzz.

A copy of a basic write-up. Pictures relevant to the occasion. Keywords that you wish to target. Further details related to the event like, testimonials, quotes by key people of the event and their name, location of the occasion and so on. Company details Details of contact person who can be contacted for more details.

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